When Home Solar Gets Sexy

When you first put the amp meter on the DC wire run coming off the roof of new solar panels and someone shouts out “there are 340 volts being produced by the panels now”. That is when solar in Sacramento gets sexy.

When our Sacramento solar company’s sales staff first engages a customer about installing home solar panels, they talk about things like feasibility of the site for installation, costs and rebates. All of that is very cool and necessary, but it’s not sexy.

Putting your hands on the solar panel and admiring the technology that went into engineering such a simple idea is the only real way to have an appreciation for the science and possibilities that solar presents. Handing off the panels to the solar installer on this ladder I told him to be careful because that is not a solar panel he is handling, it’s really $15,000.solar company sacramento

That Sacramento solar panel is worth $15,000? Yes. That is the lifetime payback it will give the customer over the next 25 years. If homeowners in an area like Sacramento or any part of California or America could see how easy it is to go solar, the utility companies would really be hurting instead of raking in huge profits. Our country would also be stronger. Putting solar on homes like the one shown in Sacramento would create a system of distributed energy generation. Electricity would be scattered down the local level through America, how do you attack that?

At the customer’s home, we talk about solar installers mounting Sacramento solar panels on their roof and how it must be free from shade and obstructions. Overhead power lines, shade trees or roof penetrations (pipes sticking up through the roof) can diminish the solar panel energy output. All those conversations in a customer’s home are important to be sure and are part of the bling of solar, but how do you convey the self-satisfaction of standing in front of your electric meter and watching it spin backwards?

If California is the epicenter of the solar world in America, the solar city is Sacramento. SMUD does an amazing job carefully balancing solar and other renewable energy, incentives, and rebates while producing their own commercial power. Sacramento SMUD offers solar loans to its customer base, assistance as well as seminars on going solar in Sacramento. You put all that together and that is real solar power that Sacramento homeowners can put their hands on.

I was watching the face of my customer last night as our solar installation crew chief explained the knobs and dials on the inverters. You could visibly see the deep sense of personal accomplishment the Sacramento home feels when we turn on the solar energy. There may be many solar installers available in this solar city, but we are committed to excellence in every aspect of the business.

The investment in a home solar panel system in Sacramento is primarily for the installation of the system. Once installed, like this Sacramento homeowner, you too will enjoy years of maintenance free electrical generation from your own residential solar system.