Self-sufficient with Off-Grid Solar Power

Produce and store your own power, defy grid outages and blackouts or simply be independent from the utility power grid and conventional energy supply. With SMA off-grid systems technology you can set up a solar off-grid power supply with a few clicks of the mouse. Grid interactive and off grid solar both with battery backup provide cost-effective solution guaranteeing a stable power distribution grid at all times.

Whether home, farm, restaurant, or any kind of remote dwelling such as a cabin, stand-alone off-grid solar systems are the ideal solution in any location where the connection to a public power distribution grid is too cost-intensive, technically not feasible or simply not desired. Blue Pacific Solar offers complete solutions for all off-grid solar system sizes from 250 watts to 10 kW. It has never been easier to be independent of the grid and thus energy self-sufficient. And the good news is that our off-grid solar systems are so flexible that they even allow for configuration as a utility back-up system if access to the public grid is installed in future.

Modular off-grid solar solutions can even supply whole communities with renewable energy. A good example of this is a Scottish island where the inhabitants are fully supplied with energy generated from renewable sources. Since 2008, they have been producing environmentally friendly electricity totally independently of the public power distribution grid. If the energy demand of the inhabitants increases, the off-grid solar system can be expanded in stages, as required.

As a SMA partner, owe much valuable expertise on the storage of solar power within power distribution grids to our years of experience with self-sufficient AC grids. Accordingly, SMA Sunny Island inverters are also designed for back-up emergency solar applications. These systems are capable of assuring the electricity supply even when the conventional power grids fail.

A solar-powered off-grid system has been supplying the SMA Solar Academy with electricity. This is our personal beacon project demonstrating the practical application and safety of SMA off-grid systems. Here, visitors experience the system’s technology first hand and can see for themselves that a self-sufficient, regenerative energy supply does not come at the cost of comfort. On the contrary, the PV modules integrated in the building create a cozy climate in more ways than one.