Sacramento Solar Company Gets Even Greener With Low Cost Residential Solar Equipment Loans

Sacramento solar leasing just got a little easier for homeowners in California. Blue Pacific Solar and its partner, Suns Up Solar announced this week a new solar lease program for Northern California solar residential installation customers. “Financing smart home solar energy solutions helps our customers to acquire solar and wind equipment. Cheap financing is essential for homeowners to get access to solar energy and which is key to controlling residential energy costs” said Blue Pacific Solar’s President Clifford Boley. “In addition”, Boley goes on to say, “homeowners now have a way of financing the initial cost of solar panel installations which improves their monthly cash flow increasing their ROI over time as energy costs continue to rise. Having access to capital is essential for solar.”

In addition to flexible terms, the solar lease and loans allow homeowners to take advantage of the 30 percent federal tax credit now available for installing solar power systems, as well as other incentives offered by Sacramento and other California utilities and municipalities.

Green energy solar equipment leasing enables every energy conscious homeowner the ability to become sustainable while saving money and allowing the equipment to pay for itself over an extended period.

The key benefits of the Sacramento “REEL” Residential Solar Finance Program are:

  • Rates between 3.50% and 6.15% (applicable rates apply)
  • Terms available from 60 months (5 years) to 360 months (30 years)
  • Types of financing adjustable and fixed
  • 30 Day Closing or sooner
  • State and Federal Tax Credits Apply
  • Program available for all solar and wind energy equipment and alternative energy producing systems. (Solar, Wind)

Renewable Energy Equipment Leasing, LLC, “reel”, is an industry leader in the solar renewable energy industry. Ever since “reel” began financing commercial solar and wind energy equipment over six years ago, through its parent company Waste Industry Leasing LLC, commercial customers have requested a residential solar finance product that made sense and “cents” literally. “Reducing the consumption of our natural resources with the benefit of extra savings, “dollars.”solar lease home loan

After all, if a homeowner take pride in home ownership and strives to make it run more efficiently while improving its esthetic appearance” Why not focus on becoming self efficient and sustainable in the process?”

Installing solar only makes sense. In Sacramento and northern California’s ever-changing economy, historical data indicates that traditional market trends continue to dictate appreciation and adversely, declines in home values. However, as homeowners, what we do have control over are the informed decisions we make in terms of capital investments into our homes such as improvements that will generate future value, while increasing overall efficiencies, and reducing reoccurring energy costs. The facts are that installing solar to your home will increase your monthly cash flow.

REEL has taken a realistic approach by designing their “reel” residential solar product with Sacramento homeowners needs in mind, empowering the homeowner to make “energy-efficient” informed decisions through a simple seamless process. REEL understands the renewable solar energy industry and strives to promote energy-efficient solutions with economical financial packages.”

REEL Residential Finance Program is by far the most cost-effective means of capital investment into a solar or wind renewable energy system for northern California homeowners. Think about the “reel” positive benefits such as: changing the way you use energy by creating your own resource of solar or wind energy which counteracts reoccurring utility charges, increase efficiencies within your home while becoming self-sustainable, which will ultimately reduce the consumption of our natural resources; electric, gas, oil, etc. Whether it is the latest in solar, and wind technologies REEL make it possible for your “Visions of green” to become a reality with our “reel” Residential Finance program.

In respect of the growing global need and emphasis for solar energy, as well as the desire by consumers to obtain the offered tax incentives, the financing of your solar energy equipment related to such also makes economic sense. It is with the solar equipment and/or renewable energy system that allows for considerable savings. A solar panel energy system for your home is cost efficient while it pays for itself over an extended period.

With the recent variable energy prices, a solid investment of a renewable energy system into your home, such as such as solar, or wind, will help California homeowners create an alternative source of energy, which will enable them to become self sustainable while reducing their current energy expenses. Solar is essential to fixing our broken economy, creating much-needed jobs.

Installing solar in your California home just makes good sense. The solar financing program is available to Blue Pacific Suns Up Solar customers in metropolitan Sacramento, Stockton area, Livermore, San José, San Francisco bay area and Santa Cruz California.