New Off-Grid Solar Module Homes

California based Newport Pacific Capital Company, Inc., and Modular Lifestyles, Inc. have just announced that they are offering a unique off-grid solar Park Model home for use in communities, events and organizations to promote Green living, solar and propane.

To be featured in an upcoming episode of the TV Production, “How It Is Made”, the off-grid and grid tied solar home was the featured attraction at a national convention held by KOA. Steven Lefler, Vice President of Modular Lifestyles, was the host of the home for Cavco Industries at the convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. It will also be a feature news item on local TV stations, to be seen by Las Vegas residents in November.

Mike Sullivan, CEO of Newport Pacific said, “This revolutionary manufactured off-grid solar house is exactly what the industry needs to change our image, attract new homebuyers and promote affordable green living in our communities. Our California portfolio of communities will benefit greatly from the elimination of the high cost associated with building a typical new Spec model home. The current desire and demand of the public to see solar housing makes this attraction a new solution never seen before in any of our communities.”

Modular Lifestyles has successfully proven its marketing of custom green grid tied and off grid solar homes over the last several years by attracting large crowds to the annual Ojai Valley Green Solar Home Tour, in which it was a participant. With their homes in Oak Haven, California, Modular proved the energy saving performance of their award winning designs numerous times. Additionally, by asking the question, “When have you seen an affordable Off-grid solar or Grid Tied Solar home?”, Steve Lefler peaked visitor interest to come and see the homes for themselves.

According to Lefler, “Our park model off-grid solar is now available in California for use in Green living events and in manufactured home communities, so that visitors can walk through it and experience living “Off Grid”. We are now taking appointments, and offer a five day rental for events. Imagine all of the locations where this “Off Grid” home could be placed!”

The MSRP for the premium (sewer/septic) packaged unit is $79,900.00 (water, freight and DMV taxes/fees are extra.) Modular Lifestyles offers many different choices of Green materials, as well as solar and wind power options to provide that personalized touch.

Source PR Web Media