Home standby emergency solar generators will keep you out of the dark.

When the grid goes down, a home standby generator will keep things going. Solar powered generators with battery backup power do not rely on fossil fuel to keep your home powered. A solar powered generator in your home is the ultimate security in emergencies.

This home generator has 4 powerful AGM 210 aH batteries that will keep your refrigerator, lights and security systems armed. This home standby emergency generator will automatically switch over to battery power if wired to a critical load panel. There is enough surge power to start sump pumps and freezers. The surge voltage is the startup wattage used by a electric motor to start the cycle. A freezer or refrigerator compressor motor will cycle on and off creating a extra demand for power. Once the motor is running, the surge will die down to a steady flow.

If you feel you need a measure of safety during storms and expect the grid power down for days, this off-grid solar backup system will work for most homes. A fossil fuel generator can be very noisy and if the power is down in your area that means the gas pumps are also not working. Home standby generators using solar battery backup power are time tested and dependable.

When a emergency blackout happens at your home or business, the 2000 watt inverter is available to start powering critical loads from the batteries while you are off-grid with solar. If you have the unit hardwired to a critical load subpanel. Otherwise, you use the AC wall plugs in the cabinet with an extension cord) The home standby generators unit will then automatically re-charge its batteries and go into a standby mode. When the power goes out, lights, refrigerator, computers, television, alarm systems, automatic gate or garage openers, all continue working with your home standby generator.