Emergency Solar Generator You Home’s Hedge Against the Dark

Frequent utility blackouts are the ever-increasing evidence of our changing climate and raises the awareness for having emergency solar backup power in the home. Utilities are having a difficult time repairing what nature can dismantle in a matter of seconds.

Using the battery bank in an emergency solar power center is some of the best technology a homeowner can invest in today. A backup solar generator can keep you out of the dark when the grid goes down. Solar powered generators with battery backup do not rely on fossil fuel to keep electricity flowing to your critical home loads. A solar-powered generator in your home is the ultimate security in emergencies.

Backup solar generator for your home or small business 4.8 kW / 4,800 watts of dependable automatic battery standby electricity. Backup system can come in handy when bad weather or other conditions interrupt the utility electrical service. Home or business owners can find themselves unable to power critical load appliances and lights. This situation can be serious if critical applications such as medical devices, telephone, home office computers, sump pumps, or refrigeration are threatened. Your families safety is worth the investment. An emergency backup solar power systems is one of the best values on the market because it comes matched with ground mount solar panels and comes with a frame to secure the solar panels.

Storms, blackouts, or hurricanes, when an emergency blackout happens at your home or business, the 1000 watt backup solar kit is available to start powering critical loads from the batteries until the power comes back on. When the power goes out, lights, refrigerator, computers, television, alarm systems, automatic gate or garage openers, all can continue working with your home backup solar system.