California Solar Retailer Expands Portable Solar Product Line

Just in time for spring, Blue Pacific Solar, a Sacramento California-based retailer, has expanded its solar product lines. In support of one of its core business, portable solar power chargers. With new products from a leading USA manufacturer, Blue Pacific Solar is able to better meet the needs of both serious expeditions & campers.

With a new partnership with Texas-based Eclipse Solar Gear. Eclipse portable solar gear is manufactures one of the few remaining portable solar product lines in America. Blue Pacific Solar will be offering Eclipse Solar Backpacks, Fusion Solar Messenger bags, Solar Tablet Case and Solar Police Bicycle Trunk Bags.

Blue Pacific Solar ( continues to take a leadership role in the task of eliminating
waste in the great outdoors with its portable solar products. By providing a means of recharging almost any type of battery & battery pack while out on a wilderness expeditions, Blue Pacific Solar is not only providing a practical service to epic adventurers, but are also reducing the number of batteries that end up in the garage.

For 2011, Blue Pacific Solar has introduced a variety of new portable solar, solar backpacks and solar storage batteries for active people. “We are working hard to meet the needs of our outdoor off-grid customers who are looking for a weekend with their family or a week in the Grand Canyon.

Last week we shipped several portable solar chargers to power electronics and emergency gear for an expedition to Mt Everest”, said Clifford Boley, the solar companies Director of sales. It is possible now to Facebook blog in real time uploading vidios to websites, using GPS to track progress, or using satellite phones for emergency communications. All this portable equipment needs power, and solar is the lightweight, silent option that gets the job done.

The Sacramento California solar retailer is expecting to add a line of solar T-shirts this spring to complement its portable solar product offering.