California Schools Continue To Roll Out Solar Power Installations

California’s Greenfield Union School District near Bakersfield is installing solar panel arrays on rooftops, in parking structures, and across grounds at 10 of its campuses to create a district-spanning solar system that will produce 2.2 MWp (megawatts at peak sunlight).

Talk about a school that clearly is walking the walk while saving money using solar to increase their cash flow. Now they can teach their students about solar technology, innovation, and smart financial planning all in one while saving precious funds demonstrating example. Well done!

The district, in Bakersfield in Kern County, partnered with Enfinity for the solar project. Enfinity is handling financing and development on the project. The school solar installation will use about 9,500 solar modules. The solar installations are expected to save the district $50,000 per year by shifting costs from the local utility to the solar fulfillment provider. The type of solar agreement is referred to a power purchase agreement or PPA.

GUSD serves students in grades K through 8 in 11 total schools, including eight elementary schools and three middle schools. One of the elementary schools will be excluded from the solar deployment. All of the solar electric systems are expected to be online by November.

In related news, Muroc Joint Unified School District in the Mojave Desert in California has just completed installation of a 392 kilowatt solar system using 1,666 ground mount solar panels.

Muroc is a K-12 district spanning 578 square miles in Kern County and San Bernadino County. It serves about 2,000 students in two elementary schools and two joined junior and senior high schools who will all be able to see solar power in action.

Solar school picture courtesy © DesignShare (at) Article Source Journal By David Nagel.

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