Thanksgiving and Solar Panels

For me, the Thanksgiving holiday started on Wednesday with a trip to our mountain cabin. I spent all day cleaning the off-grid cabin because although it was only my kids and husband and I that would be here for Thanksgiving, why do it in a dirty cabin? Our cabin is powered entirely by solar panels with a battery bank to store the energy so when I clean I also have to monitor our battery depth of discharge since it was a very foggy day in the Sierra Mts on Wednesday. In the middle of all that, I got some last-minute groceries, baked some rolls in our traditional wood burning stove and some pumpkin pie custards and generally exhausted myself. Continue reading Thanksgiving and Solar Panels

Screaming at the Media, Solar Installations are Under Siege

I recently turned 40. But I didn’t start feeling old until this weekend because that’s when I started yelling at the newspapers. On Saturday, the New York Times published a lurid, sneering, over-the-top piece on renewable energy
that was riddled with errors and really missed the forest for the trees. Continue reading Screaming at the Media, Solar Installations are Under Siege

New Off-Grid Solar Module Homes

California based Newport Pacific Capital Company, Inc., and Modular Lifestyles, Inc. have just announced that they are offering a unique off-grid solar Park Model home for use in communities, events and organizations to promote Green living, solar and propane.

To be featured in an upcoming episode of the TV Production, “How It Is Made”, the off-grid and grid tied solar home was the featured attraction at a national convention held by KOA. Steven Lefler, Vice President of Modular Lifestyles, was the host of the home for Cavco Industries at the convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. It will also be a feature news item on local TV stations, to be seen by Las Vegas residents in November. Continue reading New Off-Grid Solar Module Homes

New Study, Majority of Americans See Benefits of Solar Hot Water Heating

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) released new national polling showing strong public support for solar water heating systems and the perception that solar water heating helps the economy and create jobs. The independent poll conducted by Gotham Research Group showed 74 percent of Americans agree that the solar water heating industry will produce jobs and help the U.S. economy. Positive perceptions of solar water heating systems exceeded negative perceptions by more than 10 to 1 (48 percent to 4 percent). More broadly, solar energy is considered the energy source most deserving of U.S. government support. Continue reading New Study, Majority of Americans See Benefits of Solar Hot Water Heating