Grid-tied or Off-grid, New Prefabricated Ground Mount Solar Panels Makes it Easy

Sacramento Solar News – Not all solar panels have to be mounted on the roof. If you have the space, ground mount solar systems are a popular alternative for grid-tied and off-grid solar. To make the process easy, you can now buy standard designed and prefabricated ground mount solar that is all factory assembled in Northern California.

These prefabricated solar kits are assembled in a shop in California, then driven to the site where they will be placed. The legs of the ground mount solar array are lowered and the delivery trailer is then pulled away from the array making installation a snap.

This unique ground mount solar system can be engineered for grid-connected or off-grid power solutions for farms, ranches, wineries, commercial and residential buildings with high power demands and available space. The prefabricated solar packages are also great for electric vehicle power stations because you can place them in a parking lot, set up in a day.

Each shop fabricated ground mount solar system is fitted with solar panels and an inverter to meet the customers needs in terms of power output and grid tie capabilities. Off-grid ground mount solar systems are also available. The finished ground mount solar array is permanently installed on the customers property using ground anchors and carries the same warranty as a roof mount system.

The pre-fabricated ground mount solar systems are assembled in a factory in the California bay area and have excellent quality frame, wiring and completely enclosed electronics. Factory production allows for a higher quality build system over traditional solar arrays which are built on site. Additionally, an installed factory production solar module costs 10% – 15% less than a similar traditional solar system, substantially less job site labor. Quality is not just the only consideration, safety risks are lowered since the solar array is fabricated under controlled conditions.

The solar ground mount installations run on 110V-480V, 50Hz/60Hz AC or 12/24/48VDC, scalable from 2 kw units to mega-watt size. Unlike most ground mount solar arrays that have to be custom designed and installed with extensive field labor, this ground mount solar system is shop fully assembled, tested, and pre-wired in our factory making it ready to power-up on delivery to the job site. The pre-manufactured, self-contained modular solar power units, are connected together to scale from a single 2.8kW unit to multi unit arrays for utility-scale power farms.

To find out more about these unique ground mount solar systems, contact Blue Pacific Solar in Sacramento at 916-520-1715 and ask for Cliff, or Ian in Santa Cruz at 831-325-0691.