Air Breeze 12 Volt Marine Wind Turbine, DC Power, Built in Battery Charger

With an Air marine and land wind turbines, you have energy wherever you go, whether you’re sailing across the world, setting up your mountaineering base camp or cruising the highways in your RV. Air marine and land turbines are lightweight, easy to set up, and produce clean DC power to directly charge 12V, 24V or 48V batteries to run your lights and charge satellite phones, GPS devices, cameras and other small appliances keeping you connected, charged and ready to enjoy your adventures.

The Air Breeze 12V Marine wind turbine charges and controlls your battery charge level by incorporating a three-phase brushless permanent magnet alternator and microprocessor controlled electronics to optimize its power production capability. The microprocessor continuously adjusts the loading of the alternator to keep the turbine operating efficiently. The result is the Air wind turbine has high power production, high blade efficiency and lower blade noise.

  • Trusted by sailors around the world Quiet and easy to install
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Approximate energy output of 3200 Watt hours a month at 10.5 knots
  • Marine grade paint for use in any corrosive environment
  • Stop Switch and Amp Meter Included

Air Breeze 12V Marine wind turbine was voted best wind turbine by Yachting Monthly, The Air Breeze marine 12V is the world’s number one selling wind turbine. Used by sailors and cruisers across the globe. The first choice for sailors with high energy output and quiet sound. Air Breeze wind turbine optimized software delivers reliable power with a durable affordable wind generator.

The Air Breeze 12V Marine Wind turbine uses advanced microprocessors to squeeze every watt of available wind power. With an integrated overcharge protection feature, you can be assured of dependable, low maintenance and long life cycle. Starting with a mold cast aluminum body, the Air Breeze 12V Marine Wind turbine has a quiet operation that is easy to install. The Air Breeze 12V Marine Wind turbine is designed to be used in non-corrosive environments 20 miles from the coast.

Before you search for a cheaper less dependable wind generator. Check out the Air Breeze, you will be glad you did.